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DUBLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Research and Markets has announced the addition of the “Retail

Gift Card Trends in the United States: 2015 in Review” report

to their offering.

The research report, Retail Gift Card Trends in the United States: 2015

in Review, documents the dollars loaded in 2015 onto closed-loop prepaid

cards or prepaid account access devices issued by retailers. The

double-digit gift card load growth in 2014 was not sustained as

retailers focused on convincing shoppers to favor merchandise with

discounts and sales.

The new report includes distribution information along with load

information for retailer-issued cards. All the charts and tables in this

report represent the average reported percentage of total loads, whether

the cards were issued for direct-from-consumer loads or as incentives or

other business-to-business purposes.

“Closed-loop gift cards continue to be popular for retailers and their

customers, but retailers have steered customers toward buying goods,”

said Ben Jackson, the Director Prepaid Advisory Service and author of

the report. “Despite downward pressure in 2015, the closed-loop gift

card market has opportunities to rebound as retailers learn new ways to

make use of their branded currencies.”

Highlights of the report include:

  • The closed-loop, In-Store gift segment declined in 2015 after seeing

    near double-digit growth through 2014.

  • Issuers reported growth in the Employee and Partner Incentives

    segment, since that was the only retailer-issued segment that saw

    growth in 2015.

  • Loads in the Consumer Incentives segment declined in 2015 as the

    emphasis seemed to shift in the incentives market.

  • This report also includes information on the distribution channels

    used by issuers. Retailers continue to see steady load volumes through

    card malls, business-to-business, and their own websites.

  • Reported virtual card load volumes continue to take an increased share

    of the total dollars loaded onto closed-loop, retailer-issued cards.

  • Reloads as a percentage of total volume remain above 10%.

Key Topics Covered:

1. Executive Summary

2. Introduction

3. In-Store Gift Card Loads Fell in 2015

4. Loads in the Winter Holiday Season Declined

5. Store Credit (Returns) Loads

6. Business Time and Expense Category

7. Business Time and Expense Category: Employee and Partner Incentives

8. Business Time and Expense Category: Consumer Incentives

9. Distribution Channels

10. Form Factors: Plastic, Virtual, and Mobile Cards Vie for Attention

11. Card Life: Is It Better for Cards to Have a Long or Short Life?

12. Reloads Remain an Important Customer Engagement Tool

13. Average Card Loads Fell in the Past Year

14. Conclusion: What to Make of the Numbers

15. Endnotes

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