Real women share their best advice on life and work, including how to choose a job, wasting less time, and getting clear on what really matters

  • Advice on how to find a job or start a business is thick on the ground. But who knows better than people who have done it?
  • Business Insider asked 20 professional women for their best advice on life and work.
  • Responses included how best to manage time, the importance of a support system, and why it’s better to try and fail than never to try at all.

If you’re looking for advice on how to find a job, start a business, or feel better about how much you accomplish every day, you’ve come to the right place.

Below, entrepreneurs, execs, and professionals across all levels share the advice they’ve learned, earned, and want to pass on to people at any stage.

From Deloitte Consulting CEO Janet Foutty’s advice on taking credit for your work, to AUrate New York co-CEO Bouchra Ezzahraoui’s thoughts on being unapologetic about your goals, to SoulPowered CEO Sarah Kaler’s insights on the importance of authenticity in every aspect of your life, these women know what they’re talking about.

Read on for their best advice.

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Give yourself credit for your accomplishments.

“Give yourself credit for your accomplishments, and when someone congratulates you, accept the acknowledgement for the work you did. Too often, I hear my female colleagues say, ‘Thanks, it was a team effort,’ instead of ‘Thanks, I worked hard on this.’

“It’s like we’re all Meryl Streep at the Oscars: ‘Oh, oh, thank you. I don’t deserve this.’ Yes, you do, Meryl! You’re amazing! If we can’t communicate our accomplishments, then we can’t advocate for ourselves — for that position, that promotion, that pay-grade. If we see ourselves as leaders, the world will see us that way too.”

—Janet Foutty, chairman and CEO, Deloitte Consulting

Don’t give up your life for a job.

“You can do an excellent job without giving up all of your spare time and jumping through a million hoops. The idea that the longer you work, the better job you do or the more you deserve a pay rise or promotion, is outdated.

“Research shows that we work better and produce stronger work when we work less and have regular breaks. Don’t give up your life for a job.”

—Danielle Mowbray, Evolved Digital

First thought, best thought.

“Women are urged so often to suppress impulses while men are praised for quick, instinctive, decisive actions — whether or not they succeed. I’ve faced adversity and have also made my share of off-the-cuff errors in judgment.

“The best advice I could offer any women is ‘first thought, best thought,’ meaning trust your instincts before fear and doubt can kick in.”

—Ariane Daguin, CEO and cofounder, D’Artagnan

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