HP Engage Creates Suite for Retail and Hospitality Small Businesses

HP Engage Creates Suite for Retail and Hospitality Small Businesses

HP recently unveiled the HP portfolio specifically designed for small businesses in the retail and hospitality spaces working in today’s constantly evolving environment.

The new suite includes advances in security for modular system platforms and a new system that includes the ability to transact sales on the fly.

Aaron Weiss, vice president and general manager, Retail Solutions, HP Inc, commented on the need for the revamp in a constantly changing retail environment.

Improve Customer Interactions

“In addition to new technology to improve customer interactions and reinvent in-store experiences, retailers are looking for ways to manage their devices more efficiently and effectively,” he said in a company release.

“The new HP Engage lineup and its availability through HP DaaS are designed to deliver the performance, security and flexibility that businesses need, so they can provide the experience-focused shopping environment their customers expect.”

The new products include HP Engage Flex Pro, HP Engage Flex Pro-C. HP Engage Go Mobile and HP Engage Go Convertible.

Highlights for Small Businesses

Highlights for small businesses include the HP Engage Go Convertible POS solution which offers integration on mobile devices as more and more consumers demand greater accessibility to buy goods and services on their smartphones.

The POS unit can do a variety of things including closing sales, checking inventory and even registering customers from mobile locations. When it comes to security, there’s a two-factor authentication and an optional fingerprint scanner available.

It uses an Intel Core processor that’s seventh generation and Windows 10 OS so everything is up to date.

Innovation Curve

Engage Go Mobile also rides high on the innovation curve since it doesn’t need a dock. It lends itself nicely to the need for businesses to stay on top of the mobile innovation curve.

Kevin Swanwick is the Senior Director, Retail Solutions, Manhattan Associates. He says this new aspect of the portfolio is helpful for retail employees.

“The new HP Engage Go solution perfectly aligns with Manhattan’s view that retail store systems must be flexible and responsive to meet the needs of today’s store associate,” he said in an HP company release.

Retail and Hospitality

Engage Flex Pro-C and Engage Flex Pro are geared toward retail and hospitality supervisors. There’s customized point of sale capabilities and a video surveillance option.

HP Engage is part of the Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) suite.

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