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This Company Says It’s the Airbnb of Boats

GetMyBoat, is a startup that calls itself the “Airbnb of Boats.” This app lets interested people rent boats in many different countries. Small Business Trends contacted Val Streif, marketing manager for GetMyBoat, to find out what makes this enterprise successful. He started by making some big claims. “GetMyBoat is the world’s largest marketplace for boat rentals and all types of bookable experiences on the water,” he writes. “It is a platform with a mobile app so boats can be rented on-the-go while you’re traveling, all over the […]

1 in 4 Companies Say Social Media is the Worst Place to Recruit Talent

One in 4 companies (24%) say that social media is the least effective method of recruiting. 80% of businesses believe that interviews are an essential way to hire the best talent. However, 21% of companies say they regret relying on interviews alone in the hiring process, and instead say they had wished they had also tested candidates’ skills. These recruiting statistics were unveiled by a new survey compiled by Clutch, which surveyed 505 full-time employees in the US. Clutch’s research sheds important light on what companies deem […]