Fire Your Web Host

Have you been fighting the website wars for a couple of years now and you seem to be going nowhere? Do you not get the support from your web host that you feel you need to succeed? Well, fire your web host and find one that will help you succeed.

There seem to be an infinite number of web hosts on the Internet. It is impossible to really get a fix on the number since new ones enter the market and soon disappear. It is an extremely competitive market.

You probably picked your web host based on a review that you read on the Net. It showed how many gigabytes of storage and how much bandwidth the host provided for a low price and you signed up.

Unfortunately, the technical specs for a web host are not the best way to evaluate the best web host.

You should demand much more from a web host if you expect to succeed in the competitive environment of the Internet (and the competition becomes fiercer each year).

The main attribute that separates the best web host from the “also rans” is a research tool that allows you to perform detailed prior planning of your keywords and to research the competition. You need to know how difficult it will be to place on the first search engine results page for your keywords before you start the battle.

I remember a saying that goes something like this, “if you are going to fight a battle, be sure to pick the ground on which you are going to fight it”. This planning helps you pick “your battleground on the Internet”.

Another thing that you should demand from your web host is automatic creation of site maps for your website and automatic pinging of Google, Yahoo, and Ask. You do not have time to ping three search engines each time you update or add a page to your website. This is an important little detail that make a significant difference in how your web pages rank with the search engines.

Does your current web host have a tool that reviews your web pages and makes recommendations for improvement to make them search engine friendly? The best web host provides this type of a tool. When you complete a page you submit it to the tool. It suggests changes to improve the page from a search engine prospective. This is very helpful to get your pages ranked high on the search engines. It makes the difference between traffic and no traffic on your site.

Does your web host provide these services? If not, fire your web host and find the best web host that will provide these services for you.

will help you find the best web host.

Good luck in finding the best web host for your website. I wish you success.

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