22 female angel investors every startup founder should know

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For early-stage startups seeking capital, an investment from an angel investor can make all the difference when getting your company off the ground.

While both angel investors and venture capitalists often invest in early-stage companies, angel investors give from their own money, often in smaller amounts. Early-stage entrepreneurs often recommend seeking out these personal investments because they come with different expectations than venture funds, which typically expect to see return in 10 years or less.

We’ve rounded up some of the most active female angel investors who are writing checks for early-stage companies looking to grow. In addition to our own research, we’ve reached out to VC firms, , and investors around the country for nominations.

Among the women we’ve listed are attorneys, developers, engineers, and business executives who are financing startups and leading tech’s early stage investment scene. 

Linda Xie is a former product manager at Coinbase and has invested in several blockchain startups.

What she does: Xie is the co-founder and managing director of Scalar Capital, an investment firm specializing in crypto assets. Through Scalar, she’s invested in companies like Keep Network, MobileCoin, DFINITY, Kadena, Handshake, and Oasis Labs.

Companies she’s personally invested in: dYdX, StarkWare, O(1) Labs, Celo, and DIRT.



Cyan Banister is a former entrepreneur who made early bets on companies like Uber, SpaceX, and Postmates.

What she does: In addition to her work as a partner at Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund, Banister is involved in a number of companies like Naked Labs, Panda, and Tagged. In 2016, TechCrunch awarded her with its Angel Investor Of The Year award.  

Companies she’s invested in: Banister has made a number of investments including Uber, SpaceX, Naked Labs, Postmates. 

Lorine Pendleton is an attorney who invests and advises companies led by diverse entrepreneurs.

What she does: In addition to her work in law, Pendleton is a partner at investing network platform Portfolia as well as a member of Pipeline Angels. She’s been named by Marie Claire as one of the most well-connected women in America.

Companies she’s invested in: Cisse Trading, Traklight, Hire an Esquire, and Tastemakers Africa. 


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