When Your Income Quantities Definitely Do Stink – Virtually!

Stagnant Sales Business Cartoon

You hear it not infrequently &#8211 “sales are stagnant.”

Or some variation thereof. And I assume most of us acquire phrases like that for granted.

Not your helpful neighborhood cartoonist.

No, these heroic folk seize on under-explored verbiage and say to themselves, “Ha! Now there is some thing that requires to be poked fun at! Sentence-ending prepositions be darned!”

Then they get down to the tough function of no cost affiliation.

“Hrm &#8230 Stagnant income &#8230 Stagnant … Maybe a stag? No … Stag-nant get together? No &#8230 Aha! You know what’s also stagnant? Swamps! Eureka!!”

1 income graph and a handful of stink lines afterwards and all is perfectly all over again!

“Hooray!” shouts the regional populace!

“Hooray for the cartoonist!”

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