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Business Review is pleased to announce the launch of the Playing

to Win Strategy Toolkit, a new product developed by Roger Martin and

Jennifer Riel of the Rotman School of Management and endorsed by P&G

Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, A.G. Lafley. The

toolkit is based on a proven approach to defining and implementing a

successful strategy outlined by Lafley and Martin in their bestselling

book Playing

to Win: How Strategy Really Works. Is designed to help

leaders worldwide implement this framework into their own organisation.

This comprehensive tool is the first of its kind. It provides

step-by-step support and expert advice to guide leaders through the

strategy process to help them lead a strategy initiative with confidence

and success. The product consists of five main components:

  • A comprehensive facilitators guide with advice about how to prepare,

    who to involve, what common challenges to avoid. How to measure


  • Four detailed case studies that show firsthand how other companies are

    using and benefiting from the Playing to Win approach

  • Three customizable meeting decks with time-saving tools like notes,

    advice. Templates

  • Short video clips featuring Roger Martin with advice about getting

    started and solving common strategy obstacles

  • The ebook edition of Playing to Win: How Strategy Really Works

“One of the big challenges that strategy faces in an organisation is

people tend to be scared of it. Think it doesn’t do anything for

them,” said Roger Martin. “The strategy toolkit was designed

specifically to help that person who might feel discouraged or

intimidated by strategy to have a simple, clear process for how to make

the important strategic choices that set them and their organisation up

for winning.”

The Playing to Win Strategy Toolkit joins a growing list of Harvard

Business Review products that extend the ideas first published in

bestselling books from Harvard Business Review Press – in ways that help

readers and professionals put these ideas to use in their everyday work.

Additional tools include the Accelerating

Change PowerPoint Presentation, based on John Kotter’s seminal book Leading

Change and his subsequent books on his 8-step process for

successfully leading change inside organisations. The First 90 Days

app developed around the bestselling book of the same name by Michael


“Our job is to help leaders perform better by providing them with tools

that put ideas into practice,” said Sarah McConville, Vice President of

Marketing, Harvard Business Review and Publisher, Harvard Business

Review Press. “The Playing to Win Strategy Toolkit provides a natural

application of the book and offers a complete solution that guides users

through a tested process that'll help insure a more successful


Playing to Win – hailed as “a must-read for leaders at any level

in the for-profit or not-for-profit world” by Publishers Weekly

and “a fascinating tale, featuring a cast of familiar brands” by The

Economist – helps companies connect their strategic goals with the

day-to-day work and activities of its employees. Lafley and Martin

advocate that strategies aren't complicated – it’s knowing “where to

play” and “how to win” that makes all the difference.

For more information on the Playing to Win Strategy Toolkit, please

visit: hbr.org/tools/ptw

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