25 Business Gifts for Under $50

25 Business Gifts For Under $50

Every business owner or professional has a different budget for their holiday gifts. However, 50 dollars is a fairly common standard for workplace gift exchanges or the tokens sent to team members or important clients.

It’s time to start thinking about business gifts for the holidays. Here are 25 of the best business gifts under 50 dollars to get you started.

Business Gifts Under $50

Personalized Pen Set

Personalized Pen Set - 25 Business Gifts For Under $50

image: personalizationmallThis pen comes with a customizable case. So you can have the recipient’s name or a fun saying added in order to really personalize it.

Leather Journal


image: amazon
A leather journal can also work on its own or with a nice pen for any of your business associates who like to write down their thoughts or plans.

Coffee Table Book

Coffee Table Book - 25 Business Gifts For Under $50

image: amazonCoffee table books can be the perfect business gifts under 50 dollars, since there are so many new options every year. This one is perfect for anyone with an interest in arts and culture.


image: westelmFor any of your coworkers or associates who have extensive libraries, these stone bookends provide a stylish and practical addition.



Nutcracker - 25 Business Gifts For Under $50

image: athomeA simple piece of Christmas decor like a nutcracker can be a festive option for those looking for Christmas gifts under 50 dollars. You can even choose a favorite character to personalize the gift even more.

Tea Set


image: anthropologieIf you have a coworker or associate who loves tea, then this decorative tea set could be the perfect option.

French Press

French Press - 25 Business Gifts For Under $50

image: targetA French press is a very luxurious way to enjoy a morning cup of coffee. Get this porcelain black model for your team members who love to make lots of coffee at their desk or in the office kitchen.

Bar Tools

image: westelmWho’s the best bartender at your office parties? Get them this set of stainless bar tools so they can really upgrade their home bar.

Kitchen Canisters

Kitchen Canisters - 25 Business Gifts For Under $50

image: crateandbarrelIf you’re looking for moderately priced gifts for someone who loves cooking or baking, these canisters can be a stylish yet practical option.

Chocolate Sushi

image: maggielouiseconfectionsFor those coworkers who have a sweet tooth, this chocolate sushi set is a really unique and fun way to get them some chocolates.

Birth Month Flower Kit

Birth Month Flower Kit - 25 Business Gifts For Under $50

image: uncommongoodsEach month has a specific flower that correlates with it, just like birthstones and zodiac signs. These kits give people an easy way to grow their own. And it gives you a simple way to personalize a fun and unique gift idea.

Space Heater

image: amazon
Everyone knows that person who always seems to be cold. This space heater is a moderately priced option that they can use at work or at home.

Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential Oil Diffuser - 25 Business Gifts For Under $50

image: Surefire LocalEssential oils can help people sleep better, gain more energy or reduce stress. This diffuser provides an affordable option for enjoying them.

Tea Light Centerpiece


image: crateandbarrelIf you know someone who could use a unique decor piece or if you just want to get something stylish for your coworkers, consider this tea light centerpiece.

Serving Tray

Serving Tray - 25 Business Gifts For Under $50

image: walmartA simple wood serving tray can be the perfect gift for anyone on your list who loves to entertain. It can also work as a catch-all for mail or desk accessories.

Subscription Box

image: harryanddavid
For those looking for truly unique Christmas gifts under $50, there are plenty of interesting subscription boxes to consider. The Harry and David Discovery box is the perfect option for foodies or those who love to entertain.

Desk Plate

Desk Plate - 25 Business Gifts For Under $50

image: amazonDo any of your coworkers need a name plate for their desks? This one also has a spot for holding pens, business cards or other office supplies.

Framed Quote

image: smallwoodhomeA piece of art or even a simple quote can be a really beautiful and personal gift. This one could work for a coworker or team member’s home.

Cork Board

Cork Board - 25 Business Gifts For Under $50

image: ulineFor team members or business clients who could use a way to display things in their office or remembering important items, this cork board could be a very practical gift.


image: crateandbarrelDoormats are practical home gifts. But they can also be fun and festive, like this one with skating holiday bears.

Seat Cushion

Seat Cushion - 25 Business Gifts For Under $50

image: amazonIf any of your coworkers have back pain or could use some extra support while they sit at their desks all day, this ergonomic cushion set may be able to help.

Zodiac Necklace

image: uncommongoodsFor anyone on your gift list who might appreciate some jewelry, this necklace displays specific zodiac signs. So you can personalize it to each person on your team.


Basket - 25 Business Gifts For Under $50

image: crateandbarrelLarge baskets can serve as the base for moderately priced gifts, or it can serve as the gift itself. This one can work as a clothes basket, an organization tool or even a container for craft supplies.

Alarm Clock

image: crateandbarrelWith more and more people trying to unplug from their phones at night and in the morning, a traditional alarm clock can come in handy again.

Ornament Set

Ornament Set - 25 Business Gifts For Under $50

image: westelmFor a moderately priced gifts that are fun and festive but can also work for many different people, consider purchasing a set of nice ornaments.

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25 Business Gifts For Under $50 25 Business Gifts For Under $50 25 Business Gifts For Under $50 25 Business Gifts For Under $50

25 Business Gifts For Under $50

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